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“Corny” Burger Steak (Baon Recipes)

If you are looking for some perfect “baon” recipe for your kids, this version of “Corny” Burger Steak is your perfect option. This is something new. Adding some sweet, crunchy corn will bring your regular burger steak to the next level. Here’s how to cook “Corny” Burger Steak: Ingredients: 500g ground beef 3/4 cup bread crumbs 1 cup all purpose

Beef Sisig

This a recipe request. Instead of using pork, we will be using beef as our main ingredient. Beef sisig isn’t the usual recipe you’ll see but it is worth a try. This would be a great idea for those who don’t eat pork. Try this beef version of sisig. Here’s how to cook Beef Sisig: Ingredients: Beef’s face, including the

Ox Tongue in Butter Cream Sauce

Want to bring that expensive ox tongue that you normally ordered in a restaurant at home? Preparing and cooking ox tongue is never that hard. You can find ox tongue in supermarkets, though you can’t find it more often, at least you know how to prepare and cook them the first time. This Ox Tongue in Butter Cream Sauce will

Dynamite (Chili Cheese Sticks)

Dynamite (Chili Cheese Sticks)

This is the best dynamite recipe that you can eat. Nope, not the “real” dynamite. This is a great appetizer with some hot chili pepper kick. This is one of the best “pulutan” in the country. It is best paired with a glass of an iced cold beer. The combination of ground beef, cheese and chili peppers makes this recipe

Honey Garlic T-bone Steak (No Oven)

Honey Garlic T-bone Steak (No Oven)

Honey Garlic T-bone Steak is a great recipe to prepare on special occasions. You don’t have to dine in some expensive restaurants just to taste that juicy, saucy T-bone steak. With this recipe, you can get your family mesmerized of your cooking skills. Here’s how to cook Honey Garlic T-bone Steak: Ingredients: 2 T-bone (Porterhouse) beef cuts 3/4 cup brown

Homemade Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Craving for some spicy beef kick? This spicy beef noodle soup is the perfect answer. You don’t have to spend too much dining out just to satisfy your cravings. This recipe is very simple to prepare. You don’t even have to spend a lot to cook this at home. Here’s how to cook Homemade Spicy Beef Noodle Soup: Ingredients: 200g