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How to Cook Karne Prita

karne prita

Karne prita is a beef dish that is very similar to tagalog bistek. It’s a marinated beef, cooked and topped with some onion rings. It’s definitely not a complicated dish to prepare but absolutely delicious.

Pork Munggo

Pork Munggo

Love munggo? Well, this Pork Munggo recipe is perfect for you. Adding some coconut milk will make this dish even more tasty and delicious. Pair this with some fried meat or fish to complete your meal. And it’s absolutely easy to make. Here’s how to cook Pork Munggo: Ingredients: 250g Munggo Beans 500g Pork Belly 1 1/2 cup Coconut Milk

Laswa (Ilonggo Dish)

laswa recipe

If you are Ilonggo, you are definitely one of those people who are craving for this. Locally called Laswa, it’s a mixture of all kinds of vegetables. Adding shrimps to it will make even tastier. Very easy and very healthy recipe to prepare especially during this rainy season.

La Paz Batchoy (Ilonggo Version)

Your visit to Iloilo City will not be complete if you don’t get to eat the all-time Ilonggo dish Batchoy. You can even find tons of restaurants and “karenderia” serving batchoy. It is often paired with puto and pandesal. Now you have a chance to prepare it at home. You can have that Ilonggo taste wherever you are. Here’s how