Welcome to Delish PH!!!

About me:

Hi, Ren here. I can say that cooking was already embedded on my genes. My father when he was still alive is working as a chef in a Japanese restaurant. My mom also own a mini resto back then. I am surrounded with people who are into cooking.

But as I grew up, I’ve known a lot of people, even friends who don’t really know how to cook. That’s where I got the idea of sharing my genetic cooking skills! It’s my intention to help those who are willing to learn how to cook. In the first place, staying in the kitchen is better than going out sit in the bar.

On this site, you’ll get the chance to learn the art of cooking. With various featured recipes, you sure gonna nail it! My main objective is to really help peeps out there to learn how to cook easy and stress-free. Also, I always believe that when it comes to cooking, you need to be more innovative. Conventional cooking is good, but making something different is best! Normal is boring anyway!

If you are looking for recipes that you wanted to cook for your family and loved ones? Or planning out your menus for special occasions? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be featuring some easy to cook, affordable and healthy recipes, often with a twist.


It’s time to spend more time in the kitchen baby!