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SAAN AABOT ANG 100 PESOS MO? – AmChoLog (Ampalaya, Chorizo, Itlog)

AmChoLog (Ampalaya, Chorizo, Itlog)

Here’s another affordable dish you can prepare for your family. With you 100-Peso budget, you can prepare this healthy and definitely delicious recipe. This works perfectly for picky-eater kids. You can now have them eat ampalaya with ease. This is an original Delish PH recipe, so I call it AmChoLog. Here’s how to cook AmChoLog: Ingredients: 2 pcs medium sized

SAAN AABOT ANG 100 PESOS MO? | Misua at Sardinas na may Patola (Misua and Sardines with Patola)

Here’s another cheap, easy and delicious dish that you might want to try. As I promised, I will be featuring “SAAN AABOT ANG 100 PESOS MO?” recipes. If you are looking for a perfect soup to cook, this Misua and Sardines with Patola is what you need. No fancy cooking required. Yet it’s absolutely delicious that your family will surely

Saan Aabot ang 100 Pesos mo? | Ginisang Kalabasa at Sitaw na may Giniling na Baboy (Squash and String Beans with Ground Pork)

With a limited budget, you can still prepare a delicious and healthy recipe for your family. Having PhP100, this Ginisang Kalabasa at Sitaw na may Giniling na Baboy is one of your options. It doesn’t require too many ingredients, but it is as delicious and healthy as those expensive recipes. The combination of ground pork and vegetables completes it. Here’s