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Cocoa Pancakes

cocoa pancakes

You can make something new out of your ordinary pancake recipe to make it more enticing for the kids to eat. We will be adding cocoa for a healthier and tastier version. It’s definitely easy and not to complicated to prepare.

Fast and Easy Pancake Recipe

fast and easy pancake recipe

Making pan cakes in the morning should not be hassle. It wouldn’t even take much of your time. You and your family will have a delicious pancake for breakfast. Pair it with eggs and a hot cup of coffee and that should do it. It’s time to learn how to make Fast and Easy Pancake.

Pancake Pizza

pancake pizza

Do you want to eat pizza but you just don’t have enough time

to make your own dough? Then why don’t you try using your

favorite pancake? This Pancake Pizza is a great combination

of your two favorite food, pancake and pizza.

Peach Mango Pancakes

Peach Mango Pancakes

Bring your pancakes to the next level. Adding fruits will be more enticing for kids. Peach and mango make a good combo in making this Peach Mango Pancakes one of a kind. It’s very fluffy and soft that you will ask more for it. Here’s how to cook Peach Mango Pancakes: Ingredients: 2 cups All Purpose Flour 2 tbsp. Baking

Chocolate Overload Pancakes

Chocolate Overload Pancakes

Are you a chocoholic? Then this is the easiest and fastest recipe you can prepare at home. This chocolate overload pancakes will give you the chocolaty kick that you want. You’ll be making no-ordinary pancakes. But it is so easy that you and your family will surely love. Here’s how to prepare Chocolate Overload Pancakes: Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1