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Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

It’s this time of the year! Preparing something special is a must. Thus, if you know how to prepare and make this Rotisserie Chicken, you can prepare something delicious at home for your family. You don’t have to buy outside. And most of all, you can be sure that your Rotisserie Chicken is cooked fresh and delicious. Here’s how to

Check out DTI’s Latest Suggested Retail Price for Noche Buena Products

dti srp

Yes, you’ve got your 13th month pay!!! And you’re now ready to go for some grocery shopping spree for your family’s Noche Buena. But wait, before you even do that, do you know that DTI actually provides SRP’s for all the Noche Buena items? Check them out and make it your budgeting guide. Following are the Latest Suggested Retail Price

Jolly Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Holiday season is fast approaching. If there’s something that makes every celebration special, that is having delicious fruit salad on the table. Jolly Fruit Salad is something that you can prepare this Christmas season. Very easy and certainly no cooking required. Here’s how to prepare Jolly Fruit Salad: Ingredients: 1 can Jolly Tropical Fruit Cocktail 490g 1 can Jolly Lychees