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Honey Garlic T-bone Steak (No Oven)

Honey Garlic T-bone Steak (No Oven)

Honey Garlic T-bone Steak is a great recipe to prepare on special occasions. You don’t have to dine in some expensive restaurants just to taste that juicy, saucy T-bone steak. With this recipe, you can get your family mesmerized of your cooking skills. Here’s how to cook Honey Garlic T-bone Steak: Ingredients: 2 T-bone (Porterhouse) beef cuts 3/4 cup brown

Custard Cake – Sand Baking (No oven)

Custard Cake

You don’t have oven at home? No worries. This double-layered custard recipe using an amazing alternative method to bake. And that is using beach sand and some old cooking pot. This Custard Double-layered Cake would definitely satisfied your cravings. Here’s how to cook Custard Double-layered Cake: Ingredients: 3 eggs (separate whites and yolks) 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup melted butter