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How to Make Homemade Pork and Chicken Tocino

pork and chicken tocino

If you don’t like the thought of buying frozen tocino in the market, because they may contain preservatives or they’re not fresh at all. It’s best if you know how to make homemade pork and chicken tocino. You can be sure that you are serving your family, fresh, safe and delicious food.

Pork Belly Tocino

Pork Belly Tocino

You don’t need to buy frozen and preserved tocino in the market. You can go with something healthy and homemade. Don’t you know that making tocino at home is just so easy? For this Pork Belly Tocino recipe, you will enjoy homemade tocino easy and with no preservatives added. Here’s how to make Pork Belly Tocino: Ingredients: 1kg Pork Belly