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How to Cook Tofu Teriyaki

tofu teriyaki

Do you want a guilt-free teriyaki option? You can give this tofu teriyaki recipe. Very easy to prepare, it would only take you less than 30 minutes to cook. Since we will be using tofu, it is definitely a healthy option for you.

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

One chicken recipe that you might want to try cooking for your family. Not much ingredients and process. If you have limited budget or you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, Chicken Teriyaki is great recipe to consider. The combination of soy sauce and sugar will keep you wanting more. Here’s how to cook Chicken Teriyaki: Ingredients:

Beef Teriyaki on Sticks

Beef Teriyaki

If you love barbecue and beef teriyaki, then this Beef Teriyaki on Sticks is the recipe for you. Beef teriyaki is such a delicious beef recipe, and guess what, grilling it will make it absolutely delicious. Prepare this at home and your loved ones will definitely love it. Here’s how to cook Beef Teriyaki on Sticks: Ingredients: Marinade: 800g Beef