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Chicken Cordon Bleu with Sauce

chicken cordon bleu with sauce blog

Here’s a delicious and easy Chicken Cordon recipe with white and creamy sauce that you can try making. Perfect for any special occasion at home.

Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets

Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets

Here’s one fast and simple Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets recipe you can try at home. You can make a delicious chicken recipe in minutes.

Ube Cheese Turon Malagkit

ube cheese turon malagkit

Check out this new dessert and business recipe idea that you can try at home. This Ube Cheese Turon Malagkit recipe is very easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. We will be using the ube-flavored condensed milk. Once you try this, you will definitely add it to your menu list.

How to Cook Chicken Curry (Filipino Style)

chicken curry recipe

If there’s one chicken recipe that I know we Filipinos love, it’s chicken curry. I know we all have our own version of this recipe, but this is one recipe that I know and I grew up with. The process is quite simple, we only need to pan fry the chicken and all the other vegetables before adding them to the dish. But we can be sure that it’s tastier and delicious.

Beef and Cheese Nachos

cheesy beef nachos

Want to level up your snack time? Why don’t you try preparing your own Beef and Cheese Nachos? It’s very easy to prepare. You don’t have to spend big bucks just to enjoy your cheesy nachos. It would only take minutes and you’ll have them on the plate, almost unlimited.

Beefy Garlic Burger Steak

Beefy Garlic Burger Steak

This version of burger steak is beefy and with lots and lots of garlic. So if you are one of those who love garlic, this recipe is for you.