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How to Make Bangus Tocino

bangus tocino

If you love tocino and bangus, this recipe is for you. You can enjoy your favorite tocino taste without the guilt. It’s very easy to prepare and definitely delicious.

Fish Siomai

fish siomai

Love to eat siomai but you don’t eat pork or chicken? You should give this Fish Siomai recipe a try. For this recipe, we will be using cream dory, but yes, you can use whatever fish you like. Knowing how to make siomai at home will not only satisfy your cravings, but it can also be a good business idea. For this one, we will be using Democrita’s Chili Garlic Sauce.

Galunggong Sweet and Sour Patties

Here’s one sweet and sour recipe that you might want to add to your recipe list. We will be using the ever popular galunggong fish to make this. It’s certainly easy and you can bring the galunggong to the next level. You can even serve this on any special occasion at home.

Spicy Ginataang Tilapia

Spicy Ginataang Tilapia

You might want to try this tasty Spicy Ginataang Tilapia recipe. If you are looking for a new way to cook your tilapia.

Hasa Hasa Fish Balls and Fish Balls Sauce Recipe

Hasa hasa fish balls

If you are not a fan of buying frozen fish balls, then you can definitely make some at home. It’s not that complicated to make, you can even use whatever fish you want. For this one, let’s use hasa hasa fish.

Fish Cardillo

Fish Cardillo

Fish cardillo is an easy fish recipe that you can prepare at home. It is often mistaken as sarciado. The only difference however is that cardillo has beaten eggs on it. It’s very easy to prepare and will definitely not take much of your time. Not to forget that it’s one healthy fish recipe.