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Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis

Ginataang Monggo

This is one of the monggo recipes that you will certainly never forget. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious dish to prepare, Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis is one of your best options. Instead of using pork, used dilis (anchovies) to make it less fatty. Here’s how to cook Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis: Ingredients:

Sweet & Spicy Dilis (Anchovies)

Sweet & Spicy Dilis (Anchovies)

Dilis are small, but terribly delicious. Typically, you can have it tossed and it’s ready. But this sweet & spicy dilis recipe created a little twist. It would only take few minutes to prepare. Very easy and stress-free. Adding some sweetness and spice to dilis makes it one great appetizer. You can eat this with rice or it’s a perfect