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How to Cook Creamy Beef Pasta (Using Alaska Creamy Beef Evap)

Creamy Beef Pasta

If you’re looking for a new, easy and delicious pasta dish for your family, this creamy beef pasta recipe is for you. Since we will be using Alaska Creamy Beef Evap, it’s going to make our cooking process easy without sacrificing the taste.

Creamy Pasta in Red and White Sauce

Creamy Pasta in Red and White Sauce

This is a great recipe, perfect for any occasion. The combination of red and white sauce makes the pasts creamier and tastier. It’s even cheaper because you don’t need too much ingredients. This will be something that your family will love. Here’s how to cook Creamy Pasta in Red and White Sauce: Ingredients: 400g penne pasta 200g mushrooms (in can)