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How to Cook Chicken Curry Soup

chicken curry soup

Do you love chicken curry? Do you know that you can actually make it into a delicious soup? It’s very easy to prepare, very healthy and absolutely delicious. It’s perfect especially this rainy season.

How to Cook Chicken Curry (Filipino Style)

chicken curry recipe

If there’s one chicken recipe that I know we Filipinos love, it’s chicken curry. I know we all have our own version of this recipe, but this is one recipe that I know and I grew up with. The process is quite simple, we only need to pan fry the chicken and all the other vegetables before adding them to the dish. But we can be sure that it’s tastier and delicious.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

This is one curry recipe in the country that almost all people loved. The combination of curry powder and coconut milk will make you crave for this chicken curry even more. It’s also very easy to prepare and doesn’t require complicated process. Here’s how to cook Chicken Curry: Ingredients: 600g Chicken 2 pcs Small Sized Carrots 1 pc Big Sized