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Milo Cake

FI_milo cake

This is one simple chocolate recipe that you can prepare. Instead of using expensive chocolate bars and powder, you can use milo powdered milk drink.

Sotanghon with Sardines

Sotanghon with Sardines

If you are looking for less expensive sotanghon recipe to serve at home. Then this Sotanghon with Sardines recipes is right for you. You don’t have to buy expensive meat, or chicken, just a can or sardines in tomato sauce and you’re done. Very easy to prepare.

SAAN AABOT ANG 100 PESOS MO? | Misua at Sardinas na may Patola (Misua and Sardines with Patola)

Here’s another cheap, easy and delicious dish that you might want to try. As I promised, I will be featuring “SAAN AABOT ANG 100 PESOS MO?” recipes. If you are looking for a perfect soup to cook, this Misua and Sardines with Patola is what you need. No fancy cooking required. Yet it’s absolutely delicious that your family will surely