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Cassava Cake

cassava cake

Since I’ve received tons of request for me to prepare this recipe, here it is. Cassava cake is one delicious local dessert recipe made from cassava or kamoteng kahoy. It may require some work when grating but it should be worth it. A hot cup of coffee with a slice of cassava cake in a rainy afternoon will seal the deal.

Puto Lanson

Puto Lanson

Puto lanson is one common delicacy made from kamoteng-kahoy or cassava. It is easy to prepare and it doesn’t really need too many ingredients. You can prepare this at home, a perfect treat for the family this summer. Puto lanson is famous in Iloilo City and is also called aripahol or sinakol. Here’s how to cook Puto Lanson: Ingredients: 1