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How to Cook Burger Steak with Cheese

Burger Steak with Cheese

Burger steak is many’s ultimate favorites. But what if we put a twist to it and make it cheesy? This Burger Steak with Cheese recipe will definitely become a hit for kids. The process is not that complicated too. Here’s how to cook Burger Steak with Cheese: Ingredients: 800g Ground Beef 1 cup Mushrooms 1 Egg 1 cup All-purpose Flour

Grilled Chicken Burger

If you don’t eat pork nor beef, then you can try this easy delicious Grilled Chicken Burger. Using this Masflex grillpan, grilling shouldn’t be a problem. You can have your chicken burger in the easiest and quickest way you can ever imagine. Here’s how to prepare the Grilled Chicken Burger: Ingredients: chicken breast fillet ( if it’s thicker, slice it