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How to Make Buko Pandan Salad (using Angel Kremdensada)

Since it’s just weeks to go before Christmas, I know you guys are looking for an easy, less expensive but absolutely delicious dessert recipe to add on your menu list. And this buko pandan salad recipe is a must try. Instead of using cream and condensada, we will be using Angel Kremdensada, cream and condensada in one can.

Buko Pandan Drink

Looking for something yummy and refreshing to drink? Here’s a perfect one for you. This Buko Pandan Drink is very easy and fast to prepare. Mix all the ingredients, drop them in a glass, add some ice and viola! This is very similar to the Sago at Gulaman drink I prepares. Here’s how to prepare Buko Pandan Drink: Ingredients: 1