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Tuna Afritada

tuna afritada

Do you love eating canned tuna afritada? Well then, you don’t have to settle on canned option. You can cook your own Tuna Afritada at home. You can even eat as much as you want and you can adjust the flavor according to your own taste and liking. Tuna Afritada is definitely very easy to cook and it’s something new

Creamy Chicken Afritada

This is not the usual Chicken Afritada that you know. Creamy Chicken Afritada is yummier and tastier. Adding a bit of all purpose cream will definitely make a difference. If you love chicken afritada, you can try this very easy recipe. Here’s how to cook Creamy Chicken Afritada: Ingredients: 500g chicken, or at least 6 pcs chicken legs (you can