Squash Flan

squash flan

You can turn you favorite yellow vegetable into an awesome dessert. Squash flan is one healthy and delicious dessert recipe that you can make for your family. You can even have your kids eat squash without them knowing it.

Here’s how to cook Squash Flan:


250g Squash (cut into cubes)
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
6 Eggs
1 can Condensed Milk
1/1 cup Evaporated Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla


1. Boil squash, drain and mash. Set aside.

2. Heat a pan, then pour in the brown sugar (or white sugar). And make constant stirring until it caramelized. Pour in some caramelized sugar into the molder. Set aside.

3. In a bowl, combine in the eggs, condensed milk, vanilla and evaporated milk. Then add in the mashed squash. Use an electric beater to properly blend everything. Or you can also use a blender.

4. Make sure to strain the mixture to remove lumps and bubbles.

Squash flan

5. Pour in the mixture in the molder with caramelized sugar. Cover with aluminum foil.

6. Steam for about 20 minutes in a medium to low heat.

Ready and Serve!

Note from Delish:

The result of this squash flan is somewhat darker since I used brown sugar. But you can use white sugar instead.

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