Peach Mango Pie (using Sliced Bread)

peach mango pie

Are you one of those people who are craving for peach mango pie from one of the popular fast food chains in the country? Then what about preparing and cooking your own peach mango pie at home? This recipe process uses sliced bread which definitely very easy to prepare. But it’s definitely delicious.

Here’s how to make Peach Mango Pie (using Sliced Bread):


Sliced Bread
1 cup Ripe Mangoes (small cubes)
1 cup Peaches (small cubes)
1/2 cup Peaches in can Syrup
1 tsp. Vanilla
Cornstarch Diluted in 1 tbsp. water
1 Egg


1. Heat the pan, combine in the mangoes and the peaches. Simmer for 5 minutes.

2. Pour in the peaches syrup (from the canned peaches). If you are using fresh peaches. Just use water.

3. Add in salt and vanilla extract. Let simmer for about 5 minutes or until everything become mushy.

4. Pour in the cornstarch diluted in water. Give a good stir until the mixture becomes smooth. Remove from fire, set aside.

5. Prepare the bread for the crust. Using a knife, cut the thick crust (color brown) on all four sides of the sliced bread. Using a rolling pin, flatten the slices well.

6. Scoop a good amount of mixture and spread on one side of the sliced bread.

Peach Mango Pie

7. Brush some egg whites on all of the edges. Close and seal by pressing the edges with a fork.

8. Brush some egg wash (egg + water).

9. Heat a good amount of oil in a pan.

10. Fry on both side until brown. Use paper towel to remove excess oil

Ready and Serve!

Note from Delish:

I love peach mango pies. And yes, I buy some from the popular fast food chain. I decided to try preparing one at home and instead of making and doughing my own crust, I used sliced bread. It’ll make everything easier.

If you have any questions, drop a comment below or send me an email.

Watch how to make Peach Mango Pie here:


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