Pasta Longganisa

Pasta Longganisa

You don’t have to stick to the conventional pasta recipes. Trying out something new yet similarly delicious is such a good idea. This Pasta Longganisa recipe will give a different taste to your pasta dish. Preparing something yummy shouldn’t be that hard. If you love longganisa and pasta at the same time, this Pasta Longganisa is one dish you can try.

Here’s how to cook Pasta Longganisa:


400g Fusilli Pasta
8 pcs. Longganisa (Skin peeled)
1 medium sized Carrot (Finely chopped)
180g Tomato Sauce
1 small sized White Onions
3 clove Garlic
Cheddar Cheese (grated)


1. Boil water in a pot. Add salt.

2. Cook fusilli pasta following the instructions on the packaging. Drain water and set aside.

3. In a pot, heat some canola oil and sauté white onions and garlic.

4. Add in the skinned longganisa. Make sure to stir constantly, meat tends to stick together without stirring.

5. Add in the finely chopped carrots. Then pour in the cooked pasta.

Pasta Longganisa

6. Pour in the tomato sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

7. Lastly, add in the chopped parsley and grated cheddar cheese.

Ready and Serve!

Note from Delish:

I tried to this recipe once and I just think it’s delicious. It doesn’t even need too many ingredients. I’d say this is one Delish PH original recipe. Feel free to add more veggies if you want to.

If you have any questions about this dish, drop a comment below or send me an email.

Watch how to cook Pasta Longganisa here:


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