Pang Negosyo Injoy Milk Shake Recipe (with Costing)

Here’s another pang Negosyo idea for those who are still planning to start their own small business at home. This Injoy Milk Shake recipe is very easy to prepare, delicious and most of all, you don’t need a big amount of cash to start.

Here’s How to Start your Own Injoy Milk Shake Negosyo at home:


InJoy Milk Shake Powder Mix (Choco Kisses and Avocado Flavor)

Crushed Ice


Toppings: Crushed Choco Cookies, barquillos, Avocado




Injoy Milk Shake


1. Into the blender, add 50ml of water and 50g of Injoy Milk Shake Powder Mix.

2. Blend until there’s no residue of powder on the sides.

3. Add 200g of crushed ice and blend well.

4. For avocado flavored milk shake, you can top it with slices of fresh avocados and stick in one barquillos. For choco kisses flavor, top it with some crushed choco cookies and one whole cookie.


Injoy Milk Shake

Costing Per Cup:

1 kg inJoy Milk Shake Powder Mix₱153.00
1 L water (P25 per 20 liters)₱1.25
20 pcs 12 oz plastic cup₱15.00
20 pcs straw₱15.00
4 kg Crushed Ice₱25.00
Toppings (either Cookies, Avocado, Barquillos)₱20.00
TOTAL₱229.25 / 20 cups = ₱11.46 per cup

Note from Ren:

This is an amazing opportunity for all of you who wanted to start their own business at home. With a little capital, you can have your own Milk Shake Business using Injoy Philippines Milk Share Powder. Visit Injoy Philippines’s website and Facebook Page.

Injoy Philippines products are available on Shopee and Lazada.

If you have further questions and clarifications, drop a comment below or send me an email or you can also direct message us on our Facebook Page.

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