Mango Glazed Chicken

Mango Glazed Chicken

This is based on the traditional glazed chicken wings but with a twist. Instead of using orange or pineapple, try using ripe mangoes. If you love mangoes and you love chicken wings, this is the best recipe to try.

That taste of sweet mangoes, vinegar and chili makes the glazing perfect and delicious. A different treat for your taste buds.

Check out how to cook Mango Glazed Chicken here:


6 pieces chicken wing part (cut into 2)
1 medium sized ripe mango (cut into cubes)
6 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
1 lemon
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 cup flour
1 egg
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp honey
1/1 cup mango jam
cooking oil


1. Mix in a big bowl – chicken, garlic, paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper.

2. Add in flour and egg. Mix well.

Mango Glazed Chicken
3. Heat oil on the pan. Deep fry the chicken.
4. Set aside. Use paper towel to remove excess oil.
5. Reheat the pan.
6. Add in mangoes.
7. Pour in honey, mango jam and apple cider vinegar. Simmer for 2 minutes.
8. Add in osyter sauce.
9. Squeeze some lemon.
10. Put in fried chicken, mix well until caramelized.

Serve and Enjoy!

Note from Delish:

If you love sweet mango and fried chicken, what about combining them? Using ripe mango to glaze is such a great idea since it also has natural sweetness. Adding Clara Ole’s Mango Jam will give you that mango-sweet-sour taste.

Also using apple cider makes this recipe even more healthy and mouthwatering.

If you have any questions and suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.