Dine Out – Lars Buko Batchoy Experience

lars buko batchoy mandurriao iloilo

I have been hearing a lot about Buko Batchoy, and I think it’s time for me to give it a try too.

Visited Lars Buko Batchoy & Eatery located in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. And let me share you about my first time experience.

So far we ordered:

lars buko batchoy

Puto Manapla (Puto sa Dahon ng Saging)


Bihon Guisado Lars Buko Batchoy

Bihon Guisado


lars coconut batchoy

Coconutchoy with Egg


===Delish PH Dining Out!===

The Food:

I wouldn’t say much about the guisado and puto manapla since we all know how they taste. But one thing is for sure, bihon is jam-packed with meat, liver and whole lots of ingredients. Puto manapla, still tastes like one. But the best part of visiting Lars is to try their coconutchoy. Yes, they call it coconutchoy – coconut + batchoy. It taste really delicious. The sweetness of fresh coconut water and meat ads an amazing flavor to it. It’s definitely not the usual batchoy that you can try. But you’d probably miss half of your life if you don’t give it a try! Lol

The Place:

If you are looking for some high end restaurant, then Lars may not be your option. The ambiance is a typical eatery/karenderia that we have in the country. It’s a bit dark but still cozy. Simple tables and simple chairs.

Also, the people working in there are nice. I was even surprised that the girl even repeated our order in which other big restaurants don’t do sometimes.

Yet whatever the place may look like, what stands out is their buko batchoy. It’s something that will keep you coming back to the place. And I certainly will. When it comes to the price, it’s definitely within your budget.

Location: 122 Oñate de Leon Street, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Philippines

lars buko batchoy