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Injoy Praise fries and ice scramble

Are you planning to start a small food business at home? Now is the time to learn how you can start your own Fries and Ice Scramble business. With little capital you can start earning at home. Injoy Philippines will make that happen for you.

Here are two recipes that you can start even from your home business using InJoy Praise Fries and inJoy Flavored Ice Scramble Powder.

Let’s start…

Praise Fries

500g Injoy Praise Fries Powder
Injoy Praise Fries Dip (Available flavors: Wasabi, BBQ and Chili Cheese)
1 Liter Hot Water (for the dough)
3 cups Hot Water (for the dip)
Cooking Oil

Injoy praise fries
Injoy dip powder mix

Injoy Potato Cutter


  1. Pour the Praise Fries powder in a large bowl, pour in 1 L of water (gradually) and mix until it forms a dough.
  2. Once you have a smooth dough, divide and form them into balls.
  3. Heat some good amount of oil in a pan/deep fryer. Get one dough ball, put it inside the Injoy Potato Cutter, press and extrude to form the fries.
  4. Deep fry until golden brown.
  5. Prepare the dip. Just pour in the dip powder (250g) in a bowl and mix in 3 cups of hot water until it becomes saucy.

Serve fries with dip. Enjoy!

injoy praise fries

Ice Scramble

6Kg Crushed Ice
1kg Injoy Ice Scramble Flavored Powder Mix (Available flavors: Classic, buko pandan, melon and chocolate)

injoy ice scramble

Toppings option:
Injoy Chocolate Syrup
Milk Powder
*for other ice scramble flavors, you can use other toppings.

Electric Mixer/Balloon Whisk


  1. Mix the Ice Scramble Powder with crushed ice. You can use a balloon whisk or an electric mixer. Make sure to mix them thoroughly.
  2. Pour the ice scramble mixture into your desired size of the cup, put some toppings and Enjoy!
injoy ice scramble

Pricing and Costs:

Injoy Praise Fries:

Praise PowderPriceEquipment/MaterialsPrice
Praise Fries PowderP94.00Injoy Praise Fries CutterP650.00
Fries DipP94.00 x 3(flavors) = P282.00Paper PlatesP50.00
TOTAL P396.00TOTAL P700.00



Injoy Ice Scramble

Injoy Ice Scramble P183.00 (1 flavor)
Ice P50.00
Toppings P30.00
Cups/Straw P50.00


P862.00 (x4 if you get all the flavors)

*Prices may vary depending on the store/shop you bought them.

Note from Ren:

If you’re interested to start your own business today, check on Injoy Philippines Facebook page or website. They offer a Negosyo package both for the Praise Fries and Ice Scramble wherein you can buy all the products and equipment that you need to get started at very affordable prices. 

For orders, you may visit inJoy Philippines’ website at and follow their Youtube Channel at inJoy Philippines Official For more questions, make sure to drop a comment below, email me or direct message us on our Facebook page.

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