Injoy Authentic Japanese Ramen na Pang Negosyo (with Costing)


Do you love ramen? And are you looking for a new business idea? What about starting your own Ramen business?

Injoy Philippines now gives you the opportunity to start your own Ramen business. You don’t need a lot of startup capital, very easy to prepare and of course, you can provide an authentic Japanese Ramen experience for your customers.

I tried making this simple Tonkotsu Ramen and it’s absolutely delicious.

Here’s how to make an Easy and Delicious Tonkotsu Ramen using Injoy Authentic Japanese Ramen Kit:

Authentic Japanese Ramen

Here’s what’s inside the box.

  1. Cook 1 pack dry ramen noodles in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain the water and set the noodles aside.
  2. Dissolve the Maruzen Ramen Paste in 1.8L of boiling water. Transfer the soup into bowls.
  3. Then add cooked noodles, nori, chasu (pork belly), Ajitamago (egg), woodear mushroom and spring onions. Enjoy!

Here are other Ramen Recipes with Costing that you can try:

Authentic Japanese Ramen

Check out the Costing below:

Authentic Japanese Ramen
Authentic Japanese Ramen

You can start your business now!

You can order your Injoy Authentic Japanese Ramen Kit on their inJoy Website or their inJoy Shopee and inJoy Lazada pages.