How to Make Mais Con Yelo

mais con yelo

Summer season is here! So it’s time for you to look for the best summer recipes to try at home. You might want to add mais con yelo to your menu list. It is very easy, less expensive and absolutely yummy. You only need 4 ingredients to make it.

Here’s how to Make Mais Con Yelo:


Crushed Ice
Sweet Corn Kernels
Corn Flakes
Angel Kremdensada


  1. Prepare the ice cubes and crush using the ice crusher.
  2. In a cup (or any container you have), scoop a good amount of corn kernels and place at the bottom. Then scoop some crushed ice.
  3. Top it with another scoop of corn kernels and then corn flakes.
  4. Pour in a generous amount of Angel Kremdensada.
mais con yelo


Note from Ren:

Good thing I was able to purchase my electric ice crusher. It made things a whole lot easier. And this version or mais con yelo is quite easy since I just used kremdensada instead of using evaporated milk and condensed milk.

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