How to Make Dalgona Coffee and Dalgona Chocolate (Ovaltine)

Dalgona Coffee and Dalgona Chocolate

Dalgona coffee made a blast online. More and more people are getting curious about it and wanted to try it too. So we’ve decided to try making it too. The process is pretty straightforward but it requires a lot of patience and effort since we will be doing a lot of whipping until we get the right foamy consistency. But it’s all worth it.

Here’s how to Make Dalgona Coffee and Dalgona Chocolate (Ovaltine):



3 Tbsp. Coffee Powder
3 Tbsp. Sugar
3 Tbsp. Hot Water
Fresh Milk


3 Tbsp. Ovaltine Powder
1/2 cup All-purpose Cream
1 Tbsp. Sugar
1 Tbsp. Hot Water
Fresh Milk
Crushed Oreo


  1. For Dalgona Coffee. In a bowl, mix in the coffee powder, sugar and hot water. Using a whisker, whip until it becomes foamy. (Note: this requires a lot of effort. It would take around 10 minutes before you can get the right texture. So be patient.)
  2. For Dalgona Ovaltine. In a bowl, mix in the ovaltine powder and water first. Mix until the powder dissolves. Then add in the all-purpose cream. Whip until the mixture becomes foamy. (Same with coffee, a lot of patience is needed).
  3. Then add in some ice cubes in a glass. Then pour in the fresh milk. Top it with some whipped coffee or ovaltine. Sprinkle some crushed oreos and coffee powder.


Note from Ren:

I’ve got be honest with you guys, this isn’t an easy recipe to make. Unless you’d be using an electric mixer, your life will be a whole lot easier. But since the original version of Dalgona coffee requires manual whipping. We’ve gave it a try and it requires a lot of effort and patience. lol Nevertheless, this internet sensation is worth a try.

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