How To Make Coconut Balls Pang Negosyo (With Costing)

coconut balls

Looking for some extra income while at home? You might want to try this simple, easy and less expensive business recipe idea. With coconut balls, you don’t need big amount of cash to start.

Here’s How To Make Coconut Balls:


1 can Condensed Milk
200g Desiccated Coconut
Food Color (optional)


  1. In a very low heat toast the dessicated coconut until it becomes slightly brown. Set aside about half a cup of the toasted dessicated coconut, serve for later.
  2. In the pan, pour in the condensed milk. Mix and cook for about 10 minutes. Remove from fire and let it cool.
  3. Use kitchen gloves, rub them with some butter or oil. Then form the mixture into balls (the size really depends on you).
  4. Finally, roll and coat then with toasted dessicated coconut.
coconut balls


Note from Ren:

You can also make different coconut balls colors using a food coloring. For the packaging, you can use whatever you want. You can use a plastic container or a jar.

Here’s the costing.

Condensed Milk – P32
Dessicated Coconut – P59.50
Packaging – P20

Total P 111.50

40 pcs Coconut Balls
SRP: P5/pc.

40 x 5 = P200 – P111.50 = P88.50 (Profit)

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