How to Make Buko Graham Float

buko graham float

Here’s one buko dessert recipe that you can add to your menu list. Just like the other versions of graham float, buko float is definitely a hit. Just make sure you use young coconut meat so it’ll be easy to handle.

Here’s how to make buko graham float:


1 pack Graham Crackers
1 pack Crushed Graham
1 big Can Angel Kremdensada
Young Coconut Meat


  1. Prepare the coconut meat. Either cut them in squares or strips.
  2. In a dish, arrange the graham crackers first. Pour in some amount of kremdensada on top.
  3. Top with some slices of young coconut meat.
  4. Then sprinkle and cover it with some crushed graham.
  5. Repeat the same process until the dish almost full.
  6. For finishing touches, cover the top part with crushed graham, arrange some coconut meat on top and drizzle some more kremdensada.
buko graham float


Note from Ren:

I just thought replacing mango with young coconut meat can be so delicious. And without a doubt. This buko graham float is a bomb.

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