Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets

Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets

Here’s one fast and simple Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets recipe you can try at home. You can make a delicious chicken recipe in minutes.


1 Boiled Potato
100g Chicken Breast Fillet
1 Onion
1 Egg
3 tbsp. Cornstarch
1/3 tbsp. Cooking Oil
Cooking Oil


  1. Boil 1 potato. Cut into small cubes.
  2. In a blender/food processor put everything in, boiled potato, chicken breast fillets, onion, egg, cornstarch and season with salt and pepper. Blend away!
  3. Form them into nuggets.
  4. Fry until golden brown.
Easy Potato Chicken Nuggets

Enjoy with your favorite dip!

Note from Ren:

When forming them into nuggets, brush some oil on your palms to avoid sticking. You can use any of your favorite dips.

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