Dine Out – Seafood Island Atria Park Experience

Love seafood? Visit Seafood Island at Atria Park.

Been there about three times and I feel that I should write something about my experience. (Please read my entire experience below before you even decide to dine.)

Here are some of the dishes that I’ve ordered so far.

seafood island

Seafood Laing
This is one great dish to try. Two thumps up for the taste.


Dagupan Seafood Boodle
Tip: This is good for 3-4 persons. We ordered this and there’s just the two of us dining and it’s overwhelming. Tilapia is a bit dry though.


All Seafood Binalot
This is a great meal for 2. Grilled squid tastes good.


Mangga’t Bagoong
Craving for this? A must try mouth-watering Mangga’t Bagoong. You’ll definitely love it.


Shrimp – Sinigang sa Sampalok
Nothing’s too fancy or distinct about the taste. Just the typical sinigang sa sampalok hipon (pasayan).

===Delish PH Dining Out!===

All in all the food is great. No questions about that. But I would like to share my experience after dining three times, which i actually gave them the “benefit of the doubt” at first. Yet I get the same kind of experience every time.

The people aren’t so accommodating. The moment you get in, you look for a table and sit. They have ONE Menu book ready on the table. No one’s going to come and offer you another. So you have to get it yourself if you want. Just grab the nearest Menu book you see. (Self service?)

On my third visit – the lady who took the order seems so disoriented and (literally not nice). We told her, we want to order 4 cups of garlic rice. You know what she said? “2 lng anay mam, kay basi indi maubos” Seriously? So what she was saying is for us to order 2 cups instead of 4 because we might not be able eat them all. She’s probably making a suggestion, but hey, even if we said we want to order 10 cups, as long as we pay for it, it should be none of your business. And we are the customers here, and you are taking our orders. After she got all our orders, she turned her back and didn’t even bother to repeat them. Which is a big NO-NO. She also don’t seem to know their offers well.

The ambiance is so so. Just noticed one of the chairs have some water drippings. Maybe no one seems to notice it and care to wipe it dry. And oh, there’s a “fly” patrolling around. Some of the staff are actually sitting(hanging) on the side tables, just next to ours. They are probably on a break because they all are holding their phones, with toothpicks hanging on their mouth and foot up on the chair. Such a homey ambiance isn’t it? The thing is, it is an effin’ restaurant!

It is also so hard to find someone to call if you need something. Everyone seems so busy though there’s not much customers that time. Some are just so busy chatting. You have to raise your hand 5 times before someone would even notice you.

Personal Suggestions:

  • Re-train the staffs on how to treat the guests well (like repeating the orders and product knowledge)
  • Don’t allow the staffs “on break” to hang around that guests can actually see them
  • Always keep an eye to the guests, to see if they need anything

Location: The Shops @ Atria, Boardwalk Avenue, Don Nonato Pison Avenue, Atria Park District, Mandurriao District, Brgy. San Rafael, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Region VI, 5000