Dine Out – Jamie’s Steak Room Experience

Craving for steak in Iloilo City? Try at Jamie’s Steak Room.

I’ve been to Jamie’s twice already and I say they never fail to impress me. So I feel that I’d rather share my dining experience.

This black effigy will welcome you in. He’s nice and he’s up for a selfie anytime.

What I’ve ordered so far…


Summer Salad
If you like something sweet with fruity taste. You’ll definitely love this salad.

Waldorf Kani Salad
The dressing has this sweet, salty and sour flavors. It’s a great option if your taste buds are up for diverse taste.


Filet Mignon
I’d say the meat and the sauce tastes great. But it wasn’t that hot when served. Yet all in all it tastes good.

Chicken Steak
The mushroom gravy is good. Chicken was a bit half cooked though. Personally I don’t mind. But you can always ask them to cook it well.

Signature Steak
This is something simple for a steak. Not much flavor. Meat was cooked well and the sauce compliments perfectly. Mashed potato is okay.


Mango Shake
I have to say this, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MANGO SHAKES I EVER TASTED. Tried their dalandan and buko shakes. And they all taste goooood!

===Delish PH Dining Out!===

All in all I’d give Jamie’s Steak Room a thumbs up. There might be some little concerns like the chicken wasn’t cooked well. But I appreciated the fact that someone, I guess a supervisor approached to my table asked me about the chicken if it’s okay or she’d have it back to the kitchen again to cook it well. Two thumbs up for that. Pretty sure that they are always keeping an eye to the customer’s coz I don’t have to say anything, they already saw that there’s probably something wrong with the chicken.

Personal Suggestions:

  • Provide more table napkins
  • At least ask the customer how they want their steak, chicken done when taking orders

Location: 2nd Level, Southphghoint Wing, SM City Iloilo