Dine Out – Hukad SM City Iloilo Experience

I was looking for a good place to have dinner and I passed by Hukad at SM City Iloilo. I should say, this is one of the best restaurants I’ve visited so far. Been there twice and they don’t seem to disappoint me.

With that, I had the urge to share my dining experience.

Here are some of the dishes that I’ve ordered so far.

Shrimps in Garlic
I love the combination of garlic and chili for an extra kick.


Escabecheng Tanigue
It tastes good. But I would love if it doesn’t have much breading. It seems to overpower the taste of the fish.


Folks, listen to this. This is the BEST ginataang mongo that I’ve tasted so far. It tastes like my mother’s cooking.


Sizzling Squid
It is just as delicious as it looks. Cooked perfectly, not overcooked nor raw.


Sago at Gulaman
For P45, you’ll have a good taste of the famous Filipino’s sago’t gulaman.

===Delish PH Dining Out!===

As I’ve mention, Hukad in Sm City Iloilo is far one of the best restaurants with the “lutong-bahay” feel to dine. Why?

First. The moment you get in, someone will guide you through to your table, and would offer you the menu book. Then will tell you that someone will come to take our order in a bit. (And truly someone did)

Second. The person taking the order is just so nice. She’ll start by asking your name to address you better. She knows their offers, she can answer all the questions that you have about anything on the menu. Will repeat your order politely before leaving while saying “excuse me”.

Third. You don’t have to wait forever and keep on raising your hand to catch someone’s attention if you need something. It seems like they are always on the lookout.

Fourth. The ambiance is just nice. So cozy and peaceful. All the equipment are clean.

Their price is just right. The foods are great. What more can you ask for?

Personal Suggestions:

  • Since you are using a rectangular plate topped with banana leaf, make sure that leaf is fresh and new every day. The last time I visited, the leaf is somewhat yellowish and it doesn’t really smell nice as that of the fresh one.

Location: Ground Floor, SM City Iloilo Annex, Iloilo City