Coconut Red Curry with U.S. Chickpeas

Coconut Red Curry with U.S. Chickpeas


250g U.S. Chickpeas
2 Eggplants
2 small-sized Bell Peppers
400 ml Coconut Milk
1 Onion
4 cloves Garlic
1 tbsp. Ginger
1 Fresh Chili (or use Dried Chili)
Fresh Cilantro
1/2 tbsp. Turmeric Powder
3 tbsp. Red Curry Paste
1 tsp. Coconut Sugar
1 tbsp. Coconut Oil


1. Heat coconut oil. Sauté ginger, onion and garlic.

2. Add the chili and red curry paste. Cook for 1 minute until properly combined.

3. Add the bell peppers and eggplants.

4. Add the coconut milk, turmeric powder, coconut sugar, chickpeas and green peas. Simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes.

5. Season with salt according to taste. Add more coconut sugar or paste to your liking.

6. Serve with hot steaming jasmine rice. Enjoy!

Notes from Ren:

This Coconut Red Curry with U.S. Chickpeas recipe is an authentic Thai dish you can try at home. Very easy to prepare, it would only take you around 20-30 minutes to cook.

We also used good quality U.S. Chickpeas with tons of nutritional value, making this recipe delicious and healthy at the same time.