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Bam-i Recipe


Bam-i is one noodle recipe that you might want to try cooking at home. Though it is an original Cebuano recipe, many people love this dish because of its flavor combinations. Bam-i is very distinct because it used two different kinds of pancit, the pancit canton and sotanghon (vermicelli).

Chicken Sotanghon Sopas

chicken sotanghon soup

Check out this new version of chicken sotanghon soup that you definitely wanted to try at home. Since rainy season has begun, it’s always great to serve some delicious soup at home. This Chicken Sotanghon Sopas might be new to you, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Chicken Menudo

chicken menudo

Chicken menudo is obviously the chicken version of the popular pork menudo. It’s definitely very easy and one delicious dish to prepare at home. It works perfectly for those who don’t eat pork. It’s time for you to know how to cook this at home.

Sotanghon Guisado

Sotanghon Guisado

Looking for some special recipe to cook for your incoming special occasion? You might want to try this Sotanghon Guisado recipe. It has lots of ingredients to make it tastier and something to crave for. We will also be using several vegetables to make it colorful and healthy.

Chicken Feet Adobo

Chicken Feet Adobo

Do you know that you can actually turn chicken feet into a delicious dish? It’s cheap and sometimes just bein thrown away. But believe me, chicken feet adobo is such a flavorful and mouthwatering dish if you prepate it right. Not to forget a kilo of chicken would only cost you about 80 Pesos.

Native Chicken Tinola with Coconut Milk

Native Chicken Tinola

This is a hands down recipe in our family. Since in the Visayas we have plenty of coconuts, adding coconut milk on our dishes is just common. Just like this Native Chicken Tinola with Coconut Milk recipe. We will be using native chicken to make it even more delicious.