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La Paz Batchoy (Ilonggo Version)

Your visit to Iloilo City will not be complete if you don’t get to eat the all-time Ilonggo dish Batchoy. You can even find tons of restaurants and “karenderia” serving batchoy. It is often paired with puto and pandesal. Now you have a chance to prepare it at home. You can have that Ilonggo taste wherever you are. Here’s how

Sweet Garlic Pork Chops

Bring your ordinary fried pork chops to the next level. This Sweet Garlic Pork Chops is very easy to prepare and it doesn’t require too much ingredients. The combination of garlic and brown sugar make a perfect glaze for the pork. This is something new and delicious that you can prepare at home. Here’s how to cook Sweet Garlic Pork

Homemade Pork and Beans (with chicken hotdogs)

Homemade Pork and Beans

Why buy pork and beans in can if you can make a homemade one? Homemade pork and beans is tastier and most of all, healthier. No preservatives and all the ingredients are fresh. Preparing this recipe is simple and easy. The combination of pork, white beans and tomato sauce. Here’s the recipe for Pork and Beans: Ingredients: 500g pork belly

Humba ala Estofado

Humba ala Estofado

Humba ala estofado is great combo recipe. It’s like combining two recipes in one to create something sumptuous and unique. Adding pineapple and honey creates that sweet and little soury taste that you will definitely love. It is important to use pork belly, it’s soft and no longer cooking hours needed. Instead of using sugar, use honey, it’s healthier and

KBL (Kadyos Baboy Langka)

KBL (Kadyos Baboy Langka)

This is an original Ilonggo recipe. Almost of its ingredients are widely available in Iloilo and not much in other places. But there’s always an alternative. It is much more similar to Sinigang, but less sour in taste and it has some added beans on it. It is important to throw away the first water that you use to boil